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Carpet Cleaning

carpetEven if you treat a dirty spot right after you see it on the carpet, sometimes a thorough carpet cleaning procedure is required in order to eliminate all the dust particles and the immense number of germs, stuck to the fibres. If done right, a professional carpet cleaning service can bring the original condition of your shabby carpets back in no time.

What is included in the price?

The carpet cleaning procedure requires a couple of steps that needs to be taken in order to achieve the spotless cleanliness desired. Our cleaning experts will do everything on their own:

  • they will move the stools, sofas and any other items from the carpet
  • needless to say, the most powerful detergents will be used for stain and high traffic areas treatment
  • the modern equipment we have will ensure the great outcome and the drying time reduction
  • in the end, the carpets will be pleasantly scented

In case you think that your kids would accidentally spill some juice on the carpet again or your dog would leave paw – shaped traces, hurry up and take measures. Purchase our ScotchGuard and prevent the liquids from absorbing into the fibres.

How much will it cost?

Since the establishment of the company, we have always tried our best to provide the customers with cleaning services of top quality while keeping the prices in the reasonable range. We have successfully found the happy medium between delivering excellent cleaning procedures and maintaining sensible prices. We have never chased withdrawals but customers’ satisfaction in any aspect.

Carpet and Sofa Cleaning

Hallway/ Landing carpet from £10 £9
Bedroom carpet from £20 £18
Bedroom carpet from £26 £23
Two seat sofa from £30 £27
Armchair from £18 £16

Who we are?

We are proud of being a cleaning provider that has never disappointed a customer by delivering poor quality service or charging them a large sum of money. As soon as you book with us you will see that we appreciate your time by being punctual. Our cleaning experts will arrive fully equipped with all the necessary supplies and prepared to ensure the ideal cleanliness and freshness of your carpets. Within our company, the usage of the latest eco – friendly cleaning detergents is a must. The carpet cleaning equipment facilitates the cleaning task and leads to even more impressive results. We have never hired random people so you may rest assured that there won’t be any damages to your carpet caused due to careless treatment or illiteracy. The risk of shrinkage is kept to the minimum as well.

Why choosing us?

We doubt that you don’t have at least one friend who has already taken advantage of our cleaning services and they highly recommend us. The courteous customer support and the desire of our call centre representatives to accommodate any customers’ request are also worthy of mentioning. As a matter of fact, booking with us will bring you some benefits that are really hard to find if you book with an inexperienced cleaning company:

  • reliability
  • professionalism
  • excellent customer service
  • reasonable prices
  • availability whenever you need some help

What is our working time?

Feel free to contact our friendly call centre operators at any, convenient to you, time. They would be glad to give you some additional information and schedule the cleaning visit at a preferred day and time. Our carpet cleaning technicians operate every day. They have extended working hours, which enables our customers to arrange them at a time that best fits the busy schedule of a London resident. Call us now and get your unbeatable free quote. We guarantee the highest quality and the lowest price in the region.

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