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Moving out cleaning

movWe are a professional cleaning company from London which performs moving out cleaning services for every neighbourhood of the city. We have created this service as a method of helping people get organized faster at the end of their tenancy or merely when they are relocating and moving from one real estate property to another. The moving out cleaning will save you from the hassle with your landlord and will give you the chance to present yourself as a tenant who is responsible and takes care of his obligations. In case you are leaving your old residence and moving into another, this useful service will make the whole process easier and also faster.

What is included in the price?

By selecting our reputable company to perform this heavy task, you obtain more for your money than you think. Our moving out cleaning service includes everything necessary for the perfect completion of the job. We don’t expect from you to ensure things like sanitation products or tools because we supply our ambitious cleaners only with the best ones from the market. By reserving our moving out cleaning procedure you receive:

  • thorough sanitation of your kitchen including the appliances, sink and taps, cupboards, ceiling and floors;
  • disinfection of the bathroom, toilet and laundry room by polishing mirrors, taps, sink, tub and windows, if there are any;
  • cleaning of the bedroom, living room, hallways and other premises by wiping the window ledges, the door frames, light switches, dusting all surfaces;
  • vacuuming carpets and mopping the hardwood floors or any other types of floors in all rooms of your property

How much will it cost?

The best of all is that with our prestigious cleaning company you won’t have to lose a fortune to achieve amazing sanitation in your real estate. We can secure the sparkling condition of your place in exchange of a very affordable amount of money. Our service fees are knows in London as one of the most reasonable ones, so if you call us you will go out from a flawless looking property richer and more content.

End of Tenancy Cleaning Prices

Studio Flat from £94 £79
One Bedroom Flat from £133 £113
Two Bedroom Flat from £154 £145
Three Bedroom Flat from £177 £167

I had neither the time, nor the desire to clean the whole apartment at the end of the contact of tenancy, so I used your services. What can I say – you really are the best! – Trevor

Who we are?

Our professional cleaning company has been working in the cleaning business of the capital for a couple of years and we’ve managed to become the best right away. The treatments we perform are always with exquisite quality and we’ve never had any problems or complaint from our clients. We always make everything possible to satisfy even the slightest expectation of the people and we will do the same for you, if you decide to work with us.

Why choosing us?

The reasons why you should select our company over our competitors are many but the main ones are the following:

  • with us you will have at your disposal the best trained team of experienced professional cleaners in the city;
  • you will get an absolute guarantee for high-quality of services and professionalism from our side;
  • we will offer you realistic price rates for the moving out cleaning service and for all of our other procedures without hidden fees or unexpected taxes;
  • you will obtain services, performed with the most innovative cleaning supplies, instruments and equipment
  • we and our professional staff will be always friendly and respectful to you and your desires

What is our working time?

You can make a reservation for a moving out cleaning service in our administrative headquarters in the city every day from the morning to the evening. We’ve worked out our schedule, so that every one of our clients can get a hold of us when they like. You can even reach us over the weekends and the holidays when none of our competitors are working or performing services. Our flexible work hours are specially created for the purpose of making your and the lives of our other clients easier, so don’t hesitate to come and visit us.

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