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sofaSofa cleaning is the process of disinfecting and thoroughly removing any dirt, mould and smaller or bigger particles deep in and outside the couches. It may be used dry cleaning for more delicate fabrics or wet cleaning, which requires time for drying. The steam cleaning is considered a type of wet cleaning as it is using vaporizing water.

The process of removing spots and stains is also part of the sofa cleaning procedure. For this purpose are used special detergents, which eliminate every smear. Sofa cleaning is done best by professional cleaning companies, which know how to cope with every contamination and type of sofa tissue, because they have the experience and the necessary cleaning appliances.

Carpet and Sofa Cleaning

  • Hallway/ Landing carpet

    from £4
  • Bedroom carpet

    from £23
  • Living room carpet

    from £25
  • Two seater sofa

    from £30
  • Three seater sofa

    from £45
  • Armchair

    from £18

Minimum call out charge £55

What is included in the price?

Our sofa cleaning service includes:

  • Displacing objects, which are preventing the sofa cleaning process and blocking the access of the cleaners to the couch(Within reason and only up to 5-10kg)
  • Preliminary treatment of obstinate dirty marks, spots and heavily soiled areas for better results
  • Using of mechanical dryers to ease the drying process and reduce the drying time
  • All the detergents and cleaning preparations
  • The usage of modernized cleaning machines and devices in order to obtain fast and effective sofa cleaning results
  • Spraying the cleaned areas to complete the sofa cleaning

How much will it cost?

Our sofa cleaning is inexpensive and won’t take away too much of your family budget. All of our sofa cleaning procedures are in line with the average price of these services for the region. Our prices are the most reasonable you can find in London for sofa cleaning. In it are included our detergents and cleaning machines, for which you don’t have to pay additionally. They are specially selected and of utmost quality. We don’t charge more for working on holidays and the weekends. Our company prepares free sofa cleaning offers for each customer.

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Who we are?

You will receive the best sofa cleaning you can find if you choose our company. We offer the desired combination of affordable prices and high quality cleaning services for you. We guarantee you excellent results in every cleaning task we perform. You will receive more than other companies can offer you if you take advantage of our proposals.

    All the cleaning work is done by professionally trained cleaners who have the knowledge and skills to complete every task the way it should be done. Hiring our cleaning organization to look after the clean and tidy condition of your sofa you will resolve all of your problems with the hygiene and extend the life of your furniture.

    Why choosing us?

    Choosing us you make the right decision to deliver high class services on affordable prices. Here is a list of the benefits you will receive if you hire our company to clean your sofa:

    • Using eco-friendly cleaning solvents, which are harmless for your family and pets
    • Successful sofa cleaning process, which delivers the expected results
    • Appropriate cleaning method for every sofa depending on its fabric and state: dry or wet cleaning
    • Our cleaning process doesn’t cause bleaching and discolouring of your couches, but it extends the life of your sofas
    • Free quotes for every customer, depending on his requirements and needs.

    What is our working time?

    We work every day of the week, including weekends and holidays. You can contact with our representatives any time you need our help and schedule your sofa cleaning every hour of the day. We will be happy to give you more information on our services and conditions if you call us or send your inquiry online. We are ready help you any time you need assistance so feel free to contact us every time you need professional cleaning.