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eotThe end of tenancy cleaning is a cleaning procedure that is performed at the end of your tenancy contract and it is required by many landlords and estate agencies.

The end of tenancy cleaning includes a variety of different cleaning procedures, provided by a team of professional cleaners who are acquainted with all the details around this cleaning service. It can also be performed by the customers, however, they may need specific equipment and detergents for the most effective implementation of this service.

End of tenancy cleaning is often ordered because without it the customers cannot receive their deposit back.

The prices of the end of tenancy cleaning are more than affordable and budget-friendly so the customers do not have to worry about any financial inconveniences. See our prices and see for yourself:

End of Tenancy Cleaning Prices

  • Studio Flat

    from £99
  • One Bedroom Flat

    from £159
  • Two Bedroom Flat

    from £179
  • Three Bedroom Flat

    from £195

What is included in the price?

The list of the things that are included in the price are the following:

  • Full equipment of tools and instruments
  • Modern and effective detergents

Apart from this the end of tenancy cleaning includes the following cleaning procedures (please note that our checklist is customisable):

  • Dust the entire property throughout and remove all cobwebs
  • Clean all door frames, door handles/knobs and door
  • Wipe light switches, light fittings, sockets, light fittings and lamp shades
  • Clean all skirting boards
  • Wipe window sills, windows and window frames
  • Dust and polish of all pieces of furniture
  • Vacuum all carpets and mop bare floors
  • Disinfect and sanitise all kitchen cupboards, drawers, oven, hob, fridge, dishwasher, microwave
  • Disinfect and sanitise wall tiles, shower basins, taps and bath
  • Disinfect and polish sink and toilets
  • Wipe internal windows
  • Empty trash bins

What customers say:

When I ordered your end of tenancy cleaning service, I could sense on the phone that you are a friendly company that cares about its customers. And after you completed the cleaning process, I knew you were the best professionals.

Thanks to those amazing housekeepers I vacated the rented property without any complications. I even kept the security deposit in full. Hiring them was totally worth it.

Thanks to the hard work of your cleaners, I left on good terms with my landlord. He was so happy with the outcome that I collected the check-out deposit. I will be forever thankful for your hard work.

Who we are?

We are very devoted and experienced company and we are sure that we can fulfil every requirement of our customers without breaking a sweat. We have worked very hard and for that reason we are able to implement top quality end of tenancy cleaning. We rely on a team of competent and qualified cleaners that can deal with any cleaning job, regardless of its size.

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  • 3.Review and book

We always strive to reach perfection in every cleaning situation and we do not give up when we meet challenges in our work. Our company cooperates with the most committed staff who are always cheerful and ready to run the extra mile for our customers, especially when their money is on the line. We do not give up easily and we always win the fight against stains and dirt.

Why choose us?

We are definitely the best option for you when it comes to an end of tenancy cleaning as we have the most tempting offers for you. Our aim has always been to respond to the particular needs of the customers and to make them feel really comfortable.

    Some of the benefits from working with us:

    • Using high-quality environmentally friendly equipment
    • Hard-working and passionate housekeepers who we personally interview before employment in order to be sure that they are just right for the job
    • Quick and efficient implementation of the service
    • Availability all week round
    • Flexible working hours
    • 48-hour guarantee which means that you need to inform us within 48 hours of the completion of the job about any missed areas or dissatisfactory outcome. In such case, we will schedule a free re-clean without charging you additionally
    • No signing of contracts
    • Transparent terms and conditions
    • Excellent customer service
    • Professional attitude
    • Personal attention
    • Two payment options – cash given to the housekeepers once the job is done or bank transfer made a day before the appointment
    • No hidden charges (please note that the only charge that may appear is for a parking spot as we require customers to take care of it)

    We have the ambition to prove to you that we are without a rival in the sector and that we will do anything in our power to fulfill your expectations and even exceed them.

    The eco- friendly equipment that we use is absolutely safe for use and does not pose any danger neither for your health, nor for the nature. We promise to be extremely careful in the implementing of the end of tenancy cleaning procedure because we know how essential it is for the tenants and for their deposits.

    All London areas are included in our coverage


    How long does the End of Tenancy Cleaning usually take?

    Our End of Tenancy Cleaning Service is not an hourly based service which means that we cannot tell how long the cleaning session will take. What we can provide as information is that the duration of the cleaning depends on a number of factors such as size and condition of the property. We will send the appropriate number of housekeepers to do the cleaning in a quicker and more efficient manner. They will stay as long as necessary to complete the cleaning.

    Is the cleaning equipment included in the price?

    For our customers’ convenience, we provide the cleaning equipment and it is included in the total sum of the service. We assure you that all of the products are environmentally friendly and do not contain any harsh chemicals. The cleaning equipment is safe to use around children and pets.

    Is your End of Tenancy Cleaning Service guaranteed?

    Yes, our End of Tenancy Cleaning Service comes with a 48-hour guarantee. This means that in case you are not fully happy with the end result or there are missed areas which have to be cleaned, you must inform us no later than 48 hours after the completion of the job. In such case, we will deliver a re-clean, free of charge. The cleaning will be scheduled as soon as possible.

    Do the cleaners need an access to running water and electricity in order to deliver the End of Tenancy Cleaning?

    In order to provide an efficient cleaning session, our cleaners must have access to electricity and hot water.

    Can I combine the End of Tenancy Cleaning Service with some other service?

    Of course. Customers are given the chance to combine our End of Tenancy Cleaning Service with a number of other cleaning services, including Wall Cleaning, Oven Cleaning, Windows Cleaning, Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning, Gutter Cleaning, Jet Washing or Gardening Service.

    Who will deliver the End of Tenancy Cleaning?

    Our company employs only passionate, dedicated and qualified housekeepers. We assure you that all our cleaners are background-checked, fully trained and experienced in the field. They are focused to work hard in order to leave all parties of the tenancy agreement satisfied with the outcome. Our housekeepers never compromise on quality!

    What is our working time?

    We work from Monday to Sunday, plus weekends and bank holidays. We are ready to come to your rescue and perform our end of tenancy cleaning whenever it is convenient for you.

    For more detailed information, please do not be hesitant to contact us. We would be more than happy to assist.