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End of tenancy cleaning

eotThe end of tenancy cleaning is a cleaning procedure that is performed at the end of your tenancy contract and it is required by many landlords and estate agencies. The end of tenancy cleaning includes a variety of different cleaning procedures, provided by a team of professional cleaners who are acquainted with all the details around this cleaning service. It can also be performed by the customers, however, they may need specific equipment and detergents for the most effective implementation of this service. End of tenancy cleaning is often ordered because without it the customers cannot receive their deposit back.

What is included in the price?

The list of the things that is included in the price is the following:

  • Full equipment of tools and instruments
  • Modern and effective detergents

Apart from this the end of tenancy cleaning includes the following cleaning procedures:

  • Cleaning of taps and sinks
  • Full cleaning of kitchen furniture (oven, fridge, microwave)
  • Mopping and cleaning of the floors

The company will give a guarantee for the promising final results and the cleaners will provide full sanitizing of all the premises according all the standards and regulations.

How much will it cost?

The prices for the end of tenancy cleaning are more than affordable and inexpensive so the customers would not need to bother about the payment issues. There are many additional offers for the prices, once the customers decide to book the service.

End of Tenancy Cleaning Prices

Studio Flat from £94 £79
One Bedroom Flat from £133 £113
Two Bedroom Flat from £154 £145
Three Bedroom Flat from £177 £167

When I ordered your end of tenancy cleaning service, I could sense on the phone that you are a friendly company that cares about its customers. And after you completed the cleaning process, I knew you were the best professionals. – Isabel

Who we are?

We are very devoted and experienced company and we are sure that we can meet every requirement of the customers without difficulty. We have worked very hard and for that reason we are able to implement top quality end of tenancy cleaning. We rely on a team of competent and qualified cleaners that can offer the performing of different innovative cleaning approaches. We always strive to reach perfection in every cleaning situation and we do not give up when we meet obstacles in our work. Our company co operates with the most committed staff who are always cheerful and ready to manage with all types of cleaning situations. We do not give up easily and we always win the fight against the stains and the dirt.

Why choosing us

We are definitely the best option for you when it comes to an end of tenancy cleaning as we we have prepared the most tempting offers for you. Our aim has always been to respond to the particular needs of the customers and to make them feel really comfortable.
Some of the major benefits within us include:

  • Using of thoroughly eco friendly equipment
  • Cheerful and positive cleaners
  • Fastest possible implementation of the service

We have the ambition to prove to you that we can manage with the end of tenancy cleaning in a fast and effective way.
The eco friendly equipment that we use is absolutely safe for use and does not represent a danger neither for your health, nor for the nature. We promise to be extremely careful in the implementing of the end of tenancy cleaning procedure because we know how essential it is for the tenants and for their deposits.

What is our working time?

The company has excellent working time that includes the weekends. We are ready to come and to perform an end of tenancy cleaning at any time of the day that would be convenient for you. We will come and deal with all the dirt as soon as you contact us, 7 days per week. The cleaners can provide the end of tenancy cleaning at early mornings or at late nights, depending on the appointment with the customers.

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