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Calling our reputable company and booking one of our reasonably priced end of tenancy cleaning services for you and your rental property is incredibly easy. We make sure that every person who lives in the city of London can take advantage of the affordable procedures we perform from Monday to Sunday and even through all the holidays. Our team knows how important the end of tenancy cleaning usually is for the landlords, as well as for the tenants, so you can be a 100% sure that the procedure will be performed properly. Feel free to visit us and ask about our low-cost end of tenancy cleaning service right in Grove Park, SE12.

End of Tenancy Cleaning Prices

  • Studio Flat

    from £89
  • One Bedroom Flat

    from £145
  • Two Bedroom Flat

    from £165
  • Three Bedroom Flat

    from £189

Tasks included in our End of Tenancy Cleaning service

Kitchen cleaning tasks:

The kitchen is one of the least pleasant areas to clean. If you are willing to impress your landlord, trust our professionals with this task. Here is what will be performed as part of the service:

  • Grease removal – cooking surfaces, backsplashes, tiled walls, and worktops will all be washed, degreased, and disinfected.
  • Cleaning of appliances – your oven, refrigerator, microwave, and other devices will be wiped on the exterior and disinfected.
  • Dishwashing – includes washing and polishing of all silverware and dishes and returning them to their proper placements.
  • Storage area decluttering and organisation – all cupboards, shelves, and drawers will be decluttered, cleaned inside and out, and refilled.
  • Floor and carpet cleaning – carpets, rugs, and upholstery will be properly vacuumed, and the entire floor will be swept and cleaned.
  • All waste will be removed, and your garbage cans will be cleaned and disinfected. The treatment also includes a complete disinfection of all door knobs, light switches, and other commonly handled things.

Living room cleaning tasks:

Even though it is not an extremely dirty area of the house, the living room at your property will be thoroughly cleaned. You may rest assured that the cleaners will perform a number of thorough cleaning tasks in there and not skip or neglect any of them. Here is the full list of cleaning activities that will take place in your living room:

  • Cleaning and polishing of all surfaces in the room, including furniture tops, walls, ceilings, and shelves.
  • All carpets and upholstery will be vacuumed. The cleaners will hoover between upholstery cushions as well as behind and under furniture.
  • Cabinet cleaning entails removing all clutter and debris, and cleaning storage cabinets both inside and out.
  • Mirrors, glass furniture, light fixtures, and other objects with glass surfaces will be carefully cleaned and polished.
  • Floor cleaning includes vacuuming, mopping, and disinfecting of the whole floor of your living room.
  • Sanitation – complete disinfection of all items handled on a regular basis.

Bathroom cleaning tasks:

The best team for your project will be assigned to you. The cleaners will pay extra attention to the cleaning of your bathroom since a lot of grime, deposits and other filth accumulate there. They will use special products to make sure the entire room is left in an immaculate condition. Here is a list of the chores that will take place in your bathroom:

  • Dusting, polishing and disinfection of surfaces – furniture,tops of cabinets, counters and other surfaces will be wiped down and cleaned.
  • Descaling – the sink and its taps will be scrubbed, descaled and disinfected. The toilet bowl and its seat will also be thoroughly cleaned.
  • Shower cleaning – the walls, doors and floor of your shower will be washed and disinfected. Faucets, shower heads and hoses will be cleaned as well. The drain of your shower will be unclogged and cleaned if needed.
  • Deposit removal – soap scum, limescale, mould and mildew will be completely removed from all areas of the bathroom using special solutions.
  • Organisation of cupboards – the medicine cabinets and drawers in your bathroom will be decluttered, cleaned inside and out and reorganised.
  • Waste disposal – all bathroom bins will be emptied, thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.
  • The entire bathroom floor will be vacuumed and mopped. All commonly touched items will be disinfected and no signs of filth, grime or deposits will be left behind in your bathroom.

Bedroom cleaning tasks:

The entire bedroom of the property will be deep cleaned, organised and left in pristine condition. You may expect quick and efficient work from our cleaning professionals that will perform a number of cleaning tasks during the service. Here is what to expect:

  • Polishing of surfaces – tops of cabinets, furniture and various surfaces in the bedroom will be dusted, polished and disinfected.
  • Organisation of items – counters, drawers and cabinets will be decluttered, cleaned inside and out, then neatly organised.
  • Glass cleaning – mirrors, framed art and light fixtures will be neatly wiped down and polished using appropriate products.
  • Mattress – the mattress in your bedroom will be vacuumed from all sides and disinfected.
  • Floor cleaning – carpets will be vacuumed and hardwood floors will be swept and thoroughly mopped.
  • Disinfection of frequently touched items will take place and everything in the room will be beautifully organised.

How much should you pay for end of tenancy cleaning

The cost of our end-of-tenancy cleaning service will be individually estimated and quoted to you . When you schedule a service with us, our customer service representatives will provide you with an estimated price depending on the condition and size of the property that will be cleaned. The amount of cleaning chores that will be performed as part of the service will be considered as well. You may be confident that once you receive a price quotation, it is final, and no further costs will be presented to you.

  • End of Tenancy Cleaning

    from £89
  • Carpet and Sofa Cleaning

    from £55
  • Regular Cleaning

    from £20/h

London areas where we provide our service

The end of the contact of tenancy came with the huge responsibility to clean up the whole house. Luckily, your company’s amazing service handled the process for us with ease. – Thomas

Tenancy Cleaning in Grove Park

Tenancy Cleaner

Are you willing to hire a professional end of tenancy cleaning company for your rented apartment in Grove Park, SE12? Then you should have a look at this. Our company is a great specialist in cleaning with a great reputation that has served its customers for many years. We are very professional and the results we achieve are amazing. We can clean your rented apartment thoroughly and professionally. We can assure you not a single area will remain uncleaned. Our service is worth trying. How about calling us? We’ll be glad to help you put your lodgings in order. Make an appointment.

I haven’t seen a more skillful team than yours in this city. Thanks for the amazing end of tenancy cleaning. – Bill

Super End Of Tenancy Cleaners Grove Park, SE12

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We are introducing you our dedicated and experienced company that is occupied with offering first class quality end of tenancy cleaning. If you search for professionalism in every detail and for complete cleaning of all the rooms, you can take a look at our reasonably priced offers in Grove Park, SE12, both during the week and at the weekends. We understand the importance of this procedure and we guarantee that we will work in a careful manner and that we won’t miss to clean the stains and dirt. Leave everything into the hands of our organized cleaners and we guarantee that you will be pleased with the final results.

After Lease Cleaning Grove Park, London

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Our company offers professional end of tenancy cleaning for domestic and business properties, landlords, letting agents and tenants. If you want to save your precious time in the last days of your rental agreement and prepare for your moving out, you can use our affordable services. Your working place and rented flat will be sanitized by the cleaning staff working in our company. They will make sure every room is rid of dust, dirt and stains. Order the end of tenancy cleaning you need for your domestic or commercial property located in Grove Park, SE12. It will be done in a day and time which is convenient to each customer.


When is the best time to book your end of tenancy cleaning service?

We are able to provide our service 7 days a week! However it is preferable the service to be arranged at least few days in prior to the service date. A general requirement is the property to be empty of personal belongings on the day of the clean.

Are the cleaning materials and equipment included in the service?

Yes. The End of Tenancy cleaning is a full service and all the needed equipment, detergents and cleaning products are included in the final price.

Is your end of tenancy cleaning service guaranteed?

Yes. If you experience any issues, our professional team will come and reclean the property in the next 48 hours upon completion.

Do I have to be present during the whole procedure?

No, but you are welcome to stay and observe. We will need someone to provide access to the property, though.